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Off-season and Pre-season Strength and conditioning 

Includes but is not limited to any of the following:

  • 12-week periodized strength and conditioning program  – $175
  • Includes suggestions for injury prevention and recovery protocol
  • Nutrition suggestions for healthy eating.
  • Delivered through your smart phone via the Trainerize App

Ten Month & Six Month Semi-Custom Plans:

This plan includes access to your choice of one or more self guided training plan(s) focused on your key events, and may also include access to appropriate structured group training session opportunities, and TTE team discounts. This semi-customized program can be adjusted for the athletes work schedule, available training days/time, and experience level. A one time athlete consult is included with this program in addition to race week/day guidelines, a monthly phone consultation, and unlimited weekly email/text.  For those on our ten month program all TTE Team membership benefits are included in this program. All training programs are delivered through the Training Peaks App and online platform.  Coached guidance in using the Zwift app and online training platform for indoor cycling and running are included, as well as education on training with power, heart rate, and RPE. Basic sports nutrition, race day nutrition included. Lifetime nutrition coaching referral available.

6-month    $900
10-month  $1400

Multi-sport Advanced – Individual Custom Coaching:

Open to all levels from advanced to beginner, this fully customized, individual training program is designed for the athlete taking into account experience level, injury history, travel/family/life/work commitments, available training time, fitness level, specific goals, and individual needs. All training programs are delivered through the Training Peaks App online platform and include unlimited daily email / texting.  Coached guidance in using the Zwift app, custom workouts, and online training platform for indoor cycling and running included, as well as education on training and racing with a power meter, heart rate, and RPE. Basic sports nutrition fueling for endurance performance and race day nutrition included. Both on and off-season strength and conditioning sessions + recovery protocols are included in this plan and will be adjusted for the period of year we are working towards your goals. Lifetime nutrition coaching referral available. This program also includes discounts on all clinics, access to all group training sessions, and all TTE team discounts in addition to unlimited email communication and phone consults by appointment.  This option is perfect for the athlete that is looking for personalized coaching plus additional group and technical sessions across the year.  ** Six month commitment required.

Multi Sport Basic – Self Guided Training Plans:

Train To Endure guided training plans are created around “tried and true” training sessions and planning that have been successful for hundreds of our athletes across a variety of race distances. Included for the athlete who chooses a “self guided plan”; TTE Team membership during that period ($150 value), access to all group training sessions, and TTE discounts. You’ll also be provided with guidelines on how to structure lower priority races into the training plan, how to manage your training week(s), one alteration to another key race in the long term training block, race day plan, and guidelines toward race day nutrition. All training programs are delivered through Training Peaks App and online platform.

NOTE: Additionally and strongly advised to get the most of your training plan and resources, athletes are encouraged to keep their training log up to date and send me a weekly update of how the week has progressed. In turn I can reply to the email and to give feedback as need to be sure the you being guided properly.

*Join us for the Rodney Strong Monte Rio Sprint & Olympic Distance Races!

• 12 Week Sprint
• 16 Week Olympic
• 24 Week Half Ironman @ $600

Ironman Santa Rosa & Santa Rosa 70.3 Plans:

These plans are geared specifically to help you succeed at either one or both of these two world-class, local events.  Your race week plan and race day guide are provided with full details on the course along with pacing strategies to help you succeed. Included as part of this package is entry into our Annual ‘Summer Training Camp’ geared specifically for those athletes competing in the Full Ironman Vineman or Vineman 70.3 races. Weekly swims on the course at Johnson’s Beach and weekend rides with transition runs on the course are a key feature of these plans. Those athletes choosing our ‘Camp Package” will receive $25 off their camp entry along with their training program.

Single Sport Coaching:

For the single sport athlete coaching will be provided in two week blocks and includes unlimited email communication on an as needed basis.

* NOTE: Online training log is included and 6 month commitment is required

Team TTE Membership:

The TTE Team Membership option is open to all TTE Athletes who have previously been coached by Jen.  The team membership is a great option for those athletes who are self coached, not currently on a program and/or may not plan to train for a specific event.  TTE Team membership includes discounts on all of our regular camps and clinics and also includes opportunities to “train with the group” during structured TTE group workouts. A pro-rated discount is available to all who decide to sign-up for a coached program at anytime during their membership year.

$200.00 per year

Athlete Consult OR One-on-One Individual Coached Session – $95 per hour

Includes but is not limited to any of the following:

  • ‘Ask the Coach’ – An opportunity for you to sit down with an experience coach and discuss your season, plan, and outline moving forward
  •  Swim stroke analysis and suggestions for improvement
  •  Cycling skills development and on-bike instruction
  • Run gait, form analysis, suggestions to improve form and economy of movement

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